Cosmic Meditations in Dubai

. The Expat city of Dubai, where it’s often difficult to find spiritual circles to share common space for self development, since March’2014 we started with a humble community of 7-8 participants and have grown to a group of over 40+. With people joining these meditation evenings from all walks of life, the journey has started to be much more exciting since then.

Archita & Niranjana, take extra effort to host these meditation evenings and bring you these amazing gatherings to share lovely Cosmic Energies.


Sonu Cosmic Meditation Group Dubai


I’m Archita from Kosmic Fusion.It is truly a blessing to bring these meditations to Dubai.

My journey of seeking and searching ended after connecting to the Source/Zero point. It has been a transformational and life changing process.

People are  from different cultures and background and we have over 140 nationalities living here.

In the busy city we experience different challenges,set backs,all kinds of emotions in our day to day lives.
We really need the time to regain our balance and  reconnect back with our Self.

The Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse  takes you to the level you need to for yourself and works with your frequency at the time.

Lets gather in Oneness and experience the bliss and peace of this unique meditation.
Just be-ing in the moment and allowing the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse to work the magic in our lives.


If you are not part of our Meet Up group then please feel free to subscribe by clicking HERE or visit below link:


Looking forward to seeing  you at our meditation evenings.

In loving service


Nupur Cosmic Meditation Group Dubai

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