Cosmic Meditations in Northern Beaches

. Living in one on the most peaceful and calm neighborhood of Sydney brings together an opportunity to nurture our inner calling, what else could compliment such a feeling than spending some quality time with like minded and spiritually inclined group of souls.

Simran from Kosmic Fusion, is fully dedicated to bring spiritual community in Northern Beaches together.

Siann Cosmic Meditation Group Sydney

I’m Simran from Team Kosmic Fusion, I’m Practitioner of Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse and also a Wholistic Counselor working in the Northern Beaches Area. I  would like to connect with other like minded souls who wish to share their journey into oneness and nurture their inner light.

If you are not part of our Meet Up group in Northern Beaches, Sydney then please feel free to subscribe by clicking HERE or visit below link:

Come, join us as we share this extraordinary journey back home.

in Love,