Cosmic Meditations in Singapore

. Life in Lion City Singapore can be very stressful with majority of us busy slogging from 9 to 5 job, businesses and shift work. We present this lovely opportunity to unwind and de-stress yourself after long day at work, imagine the silence & peace embracing you and further energizing you for another great day, week/month or till we meet again!


Jeeya from Kosmic Fusion, hosts these meditation evenings and is helping to organize many more meditation evenings, who says meditations are only for Mind, Body & Soul, come lets connect to SuperSoul!

Jeeya Cosmic Meditation Group Singapore

I’m Jeeya from Kosmic Fusion, it’s my privilege to organize & host these meditation evenings in Singapore, I love to meet like-minded people and share our spiritual journey. Personally I was quite introvert yet love to share the beautiful energies during meditation. Very often people feel stressed or burdened from work and joining this beautiful meditation evenings is like a treat for yourself.

Come, join us and be one!

If you are not part of our Meet Up group in Singapore then please feel free to subscribe by clicking HERE or visit below link:

in Love & Gratitude,