“Where do I start, I found my Quantum Vortex energy meditation experience to be very profound.
I felt activation of my chakras, movement of stagnant energy initially. I then entered another space where I healed and understood past memories. I cannot fully put into words how beautiful and powerful the experience was.

I will be back, Thank you and Namaste.” – Luke Heather

Lots of ‘Buffering’ in the chest area.

Light from Third Eye area.

Very relaxing, ready for bed!

Thanks for a wonderful session.” – Tim

I joined meditation with Archita in Dubai, it was amazing, I could feel the energy like electricity passing through each part of my body specially my forehead and I could feel some burning sensations in some part of my chest.  and now even I do meditation alone on my own I can feel the energy very strong in my palm and those images lift my mind, big thank you to Archita for the meditation, I like it and I will be doing it regularly with you.  Also,  I registered for your upcoming workshop intensive session on August 14 & 15. I am waiting for the day to come.– Kaneez

A calming, relaxing sensation throughout body, esp heart region. Felt relaxed, grounded and peaceful. The agitated mind got quietened.” – Kumar

I felt frightened to start with then was floating around in space completely calm.” – Karen

Flowing like a river in space. All Time around in same place.

Body sensations like I couldn’t feel it anymore.
Often/Several times bright white ball of light that I was travelling towards. Trying to get to it, it would disappear but if I left it, it would be there.
” – Shane Potter

Very scattered brain all throughout, but not in a negative way.

Strong waves felt like the …? (oher??)  took me, felt seasickness and my head is still spinning.
Many images came to me, not completely sure what.
Felt very heavy at points.
Rolled around in space- rather dizzy.
time seemed to not have existed.
” – Erin Gillespie

Tried to silent my thoughts and it happened while travelling with the divine music. 

Wanted to surrender fully to the experience and go away from my thinking mind.
It felt good.

Thank you J” – Upneet Singh

Fidgety at beginning.

Other beings, like being in a different realm with familiar being. Don’t remember details.
Pins and needles in hand.
Floating- like riding a huge wave at the end. Not sea-sick or unpleasant, but quiet comfortable, like being rocked.
” – Debbie

Emotional release,mind chatter-trying to control.Time went so quickly.
Thank you”    – Caroline

Amazing,amazing,incredible.Thank you.Words cannot describe”     –Tracy

This was my first time.Nupurs voice guided me to a very peaceful and serene space inside me.I felt constant “shifts’ inside me and a very positive vibration in and around me.Thank you so much for this fantastic session that has made me feel de-stressed”     – Sita

It was a great experience and relaxing feeling.I feel energised and fully healed“- Joarne

The meeting itself was filled with lots of information that i resonated with and rang true for me.

The meditation was fabulous.I could feel some of my chakras open up and expand,leaving me feeling wonderful and upbeat.
Looking forward to more sessions.

Thank you– N.S

“Awesome experience.The meditation was amazing.Looking forward for more experiences.

Love n light” – Charu

Profound Meditation.Feeling serene,connected to the inner essence.Felt like the waterfall flowing with serenity.Feeling free from thoughts and energies that do not serve my highest best.

Much love to you”  – Jons George

It was very relaxing, enlightening and I felt much calmer after the session.” – Ken Varghan

I needed to be grounded and focused and that’s what I received. ” – Zoe Stranger

Thank you for this lovely experience. I come away feeling deeply peaceful and enjoyed an array of body vibrations and energy.” – Angela

A real sense of energy I could physically feel and see in my mind’s eye. Beautiful people with beautiful energy being  shared. Highly recommended” – Jennifer

During the meditation on the mate I felt an energy vibration in my solar plexus, then in my heart and on my crown chakra.

My mind was then wandering off, but I felt I was still in a meditative state, which was very relaxing. It felt like a very positive, relaxing energy.

Thank you” – Christina

My meditation with the meditation was beautiful, peaceful and very energizing. All the cells in my body vibrated and the energy flowed in waves.

receiving the healing was equally beautiful. I saw the energy like little bursts of light. I felt very peaceful and grounded. Awesome!” – Donnell Cameron

When we were doing the chakra meditation I could feel the energy as it went through my body. The energy got “stuck” in my throat chakra. However by the end of that it was going to all of them with ease.

When we were lying on the floor I felt a sort of electric shocks like pins and needles. It was very relaxing and I could visualise everything very well.
At the end of the session I had a healing done which was amazing. The energy was incredible. I felt a pulsing that felt like I was swaying.

Thank you for the experience.” – Sherrie Black

The energy was very gentle and loving. I felt very hot when we were meditating on the chair and when we were on the floor I experienced a past life in Russia. 

During the healing I felt like I was rocking from side to side. The energy coming through was very soft and loving. A lot of heat. I have really enjoyed the evening. Thank you.”  – J Vyvyan

As a routine I am usually awake late at night and playing Candy Crush but after the meditation night went to bed early and had the best sleep and woke up fresh in the morning.” – Undisclosed Participant from Adelaide

Felt the energy flowing through my body, had sore back and instantly vanished as the meditation finished.” – Undisclosed Participant from Sydney

I do not have much meditation experience but I have this amazing experience where I could hear and feel everyone in the room but at the same time I was somewhere else which I could not explain. Wish to explore more with more regular meditation group with like-minded people. Really enjoyed the session– Ashok